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March 12 2014, 03:30:02 PM
Uprising 1.7 saw the debut of the Combat and Rail rifles, which rounded out our rifle catalog. In Uprising 1.8 we go one better with new dropsuits!
There are new Heavy Frames for the Caldari, Minmatar and Gallente, while the Amarr and Caldari added a new Light Frame to their armories. This means five brand-new dropsuit models ready for war.
With these additions, DUST 514® now has a full set of racially aligned dropsuits. We’ve also taken this opportunity to completely revamp and rebalance all of our infantry dropsuits. Read on to learn more.
The Heavyweight The Heavy Frame is optimized for soaking up damage and dishing out pain. It is also the slowest of all the dropsuits, and as such finds itself at home in tight spaces or defending important locations. It should not be underestimated on the offensive, however: Many strong-points have fallen under the weight of an attack by Heavy Dropsuits supported by Logistics Dropsuits.
The new Caldari, Minmatar and Gallente Heavy Dropsuits will join the existing Amarr Heavy Dropsuit. They’ll be available as a basic frame with two variations: Sentinel and Commando.
Sentinel The Sentinel’s role skill reduces splash damage received, allowing sentinels to shrug off more incidental damage than the smaller frame roles. Individual race skills, meanwhile, provide primary and secondary resistances to specific damage types. Unlike a straight HP bonus, these resistance bonuses reduce the damage received from specific weapon damage types.
When facing a Sentinel, make sure you keep the damage resistance in mind. The right weapon choice could mean the difference between taking down one of these giants and being their next victim.
Role Bonus: +5% damage resistance to splash damage per level.
Caldari Sentinel Bonus:

3% shield resistance to hybrid - blaster weapons per level.
2% shield resistance to laser weapons per level.

Gallente Sentinel Bonus:

3% armor resistance to hybrid - railgun weapons per level.
2% armor resistance to projectile weapons per level.

Minmatar Sentinel Bonus:

3% shield resistance to laser weapons per level.
2% armor resistance to hybrid - blaster weapons per level.

Amarr Sentinel Bonus:

3% armor resistance to projectile weapons per level.
2% shield resistance to hybrid - railgun weapons per level.

Caldari Sentinel Designed for maximum energy absorption, the Caldari Sentinel’s shielding system features an elevated saturation threshold, allowing it to dissipate a greater amount of energy in order to maintain overall shield integrity. Additionally, highly efficient refraction systems make subtle adjustments to the overlapping fields that comprise the shielding surface area, diverting minute amounts of incoming energy and dampening the effective damage of certain small arms fire.
Gallente Sentinel Enhanced to withstand kinetic and fragmentary impacts with minimal deformation, Gallente Sentinel technology offers the best armor protection currently available in the cluster. Ablative surfacing helps deflect incoming fire and ultra-efficient armor composites and electrically charged active protection plates increase survivability in even the most dangerous combat situations.
Minmatar Sentinel Based upon a deep-core construction exoskeleton, the Minmatar Sentinel is capable of withstanding some of the harshest conditions in the galaxy. Hardened shield systems and armor modifications improve its combat durability, while the various op-assist mechanisms used to augment movement make it second only to the Minmatar’s own Commando variant in terms of overall speed and mobility.
Here are the base stats for the new Sentinel Dropsuits, as well as revised stats for the Amarr variants. (Note that the Basic Heavy Frame requires Racial Heavy, not Racial Sentinel skill to be trained)
http://failheap-challenge.com//web.ccpgamescdn.com/dust/news.control/65875/1/heavysuits18.png (http://web.ccpgamescdn.com/dust/news.control/65875/1/heavysuits18.png)
Click the image for full size
Commando The Commando is a Heavy Frame Dropsuit with less base HP but higher movement speed than the regular Heavy Dropsuit, with the addition of an equipment slot.
Designed for offense, it features the ability to fit two light weapons and a role bonus to both light weapon and sidearm reload speed, minimizing downtime while reloading.
Each Commando also has a racial damage bonus to its own type of weaponry, further enhancing its role as a damage dealing monster in combat. Combined with the flexibility of two light weapons, this means the Commando is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.
Role Bonus: 5% reduction to reload speed of light/sidearm weapons
Caldari Commando Bonus: +2% damage to light hybrid – railgun weapons.
Gallente Commando Bonus: +2% damage to light hybrid – blaster weapons.
Minmatar Commando Bonus: +2% damage to light projectile and explosive weapons.
Amarr Commando Bonus: +2% damage to light laser weapons.
Caldari Commando Utilizing technologies sourced from across the State, the Commando’s subframe is hardwired with custom-built damage modifiers that enhance the output of all light-class railgun weaponry synched with the suit’s core operating system. This is achieved, in part, by managing the weapon’s charge efficiency in order to ensure maximum impact of every discharge.
Gallente Commando Modified to better interface with light-class blaster weaponry, the Gallente Commando’s subframe regulates the weapon’s cyclotron output, improving plasma compression and enhancing the magnetic acceleration of the produced discharge with devastating results.
Minmatar Commando Stripped of all but the most necessary protection, the Minmatar Commando is the fastest, most agile Heavy Frame on the battlefield. Jury-rigged into the subframe are off-the-shelf damage modifiers able to improve the damage yield of all light-class projectile and explosive weaponry wielded by the user.
And here are the base stats for the new Commando Dropsuits, as well as the revised stats for the Amarr Commando.
http://failheap-challenge.com//web.ccpgamescdn.com/dust/news.control/65875/1/commando18.jpg (http://web.ccpgamescdn.com/dust/news.control/65875/1/commando18.jpg)
Click the image for full size
The Lightweight The Light Frames are the fastest suits in the game, finding themselves at home flanking, harassing and generally causing mayhem on the battlefield.
Naturally this added speed comes at a price: The Light Frames have the least hitpoints of all the different frame types. But they shouldn’t be underestimated, since Light Frames are more difficult to detect with passive and active scanners, and will often have the first shot in a fight.
The new Caldari and Amarr Light Frames will join the existing Minmatar and Gallente Light Frames in Uprising 1.8, with the latter two also receiving significant changes to their base stats.
Scout The scout’s role bonus makes it the only one capable of fitting the cloak field while remaining competitive, allowing players to move about the battlefield almost invisible to the naked eye.
The Gallente scout excels at hiding and the Caldari is unsurpassed at detecting dampened units, while the Minmatar utilizes its innate speed to hack objectives or assassinate individual targets. The Amarr, the hardiest of all the scout suits, is able to withstand more damage and cover more of the battlefield in a single sprint than any other Light Frame.
Role Bonus: +15% reduction to PG/CPU cost of cloak field per level
Caldari Scout Bonus: +5% bonus to dropsuit scan radius and scan precision per level
Gallente Scout Bonus: +5% bonus to dropsuit scan radius and 5% reduction to scan profile per level
Minmatar Scout Bonus: 5% bonus to hacking speed and nova knife damage per level
Amarr Scout Bonus: +5% bonus to stamina regen and max stamina per level
Caldari Scout Developed to support counterinsurgency operations, this Caldari suit is highly effective at asymmetric combat. An enhanced sensor package allows it to seek out and destroy dampened targets wherever they might be on the battlefield.
Amarr Scout Building on recent advancements in biotic technology, this suit incorporates an array of cardiovascular augmentations that are automatically administered to the user in battle, improving overall stamina and reducing fatigue.
Below are the base stats for the new Light Frame and Scout Dropsuits, as well as the changes to the existing Minmatar and Gallente dropsuits. (Note: The Basic Light Frame requires the Racial Light Dropsuit skill rather than the Racial Scout skill.)
http://failheap-challenge.com//web.ccpgamescdn.com/dust/news.control/65875/1/scouts18.jpg (http://web.ccpgamescdn.com/dust/news.control/65875/1/scouts18.jpg)
Click the image for full size
The Middleweight While we haven’t introduced any new Medium Frames with Uprising 1.8, we have made some changes to both their base stats and the bonuses for their variants.
The biggest of these changes can been seen in the new bonuses for the Logistics suits. Each type of suit now has a role bonus for equipment fitting as well as a racial bonus towards a specific type of equipment.
This means anyone looking to specialize with a particular type of equipment should start using a specific racial type of dropsuit. Likewise, the Assault dropsuits now have a general bonus to weapon fitting, with each race getting a further bonus to its own type of weaponry. The new bonuses and base stats are listed below.
Role Bonus: 5% reduction to PG/CPU cost of light/sidearm weapons

Caldari Assault: +5% to reload speed of hybrid railgun light/sidearm weapons per level.
Gallente Assault: 5% reduction to hybrid - blaster light/sidearm hip-fire dispersion and kick per level.
Minmatar Assault: +5% to projectile light/sidearm clip size per level.
Amarr Assault: 5% reduction to laser weaponry heat build-up per level.

Role Bonus: 5% reduction to PG/CPU cost of equipment

Caldari Logistics: +10% to nanohive max. nanites and +5% to supply rate and repair amount per level.
Gallente Logistics: +10% to active scanner visibility duration and +5% to active scanner precision per level.
Minmatar Logistics: +10% to repair tool range and 5% to repair amount per level.
Amarr Logistics: 10% reduction to drop uplink spawn time and +2 to max. spawn count per level.

(Note: The Racial Basic Frames have the same stats as the Assault Dropsuits, other than requiring Racial Medium Dropsuit rather than Racial Assault)
http://failheap-challenge.com//web.ccpgamescdn.com/dust/news.control/65875/1/assaults18.png (http://web.ccpgamescdn.com/dust/news.control/65875/1/assaults18.png)
Click the image for full size
So that’s what’s in the pipe for Dropsuits in Uprising 1.8. But wait, there’s one more thing…
After lengthy discussions with the CPM and large amounts of community feedback, the decision has been made to refund all skill points currently spent in the Dropsuit Command tree to players’ unallocated SP pools. So, if your preferred racial frame didn’t previously exist, you’ll be able to switch to one of the newly available suit frames without penalty.
Please note that this change will happen automatically as part of the Uprising 1.8 update and is aimed for deployment on the same day. This will result in all Skill Points invested in to the Dropsuit Command skill tree being refunded, along with the ISK from all affected purchased skill books. Additionally, this may result in players having to retrain previous skills within the Dropsuit Command skill tree.
Uprising 1.8 Deployment is currently planned for the 25th of March, and hope you enjoy the new Dropsuits. We can’t wait to see you using them in the battles to come!
-CCP Remnant

original link (http://dust514.com/news/blog/2014/03/dropsuits-of-uprising-1.8/)

Rakshasa The Cat
March 12 2014, 04:06:53 PM
So no respec tears to drink, fucking lame CCP.

March 12 2014, 04:15:51 PM
Haven't been keeping up with DUST lately, so it's nice to see bonuses and stats being more in line with the way EVE works, Dust now has a really solid foundation to build upon.

Having Amarr as a hybrid shield/armour tanking race really annoyed me

Mike deVoid
March 12 2014, 04:38:16 PM
Looks like I'll have to completely change my previous approach, since it won't be viable at all with the new suit bonuses and layouts.

25th March, with a respec. That'll give me a month to get back into playing Dust, in preparation for the FanFest tourny.

March 12 2014, 10:33:32 PM
Am still annoyed at caldari and gallente heavy resists.

March 25 2014, 12:07:11 PM
Pretty happy with my dragonfly scout. 2 high slots, 2 low slots, 2 equipment slots, enough fitting room for 2 complex extenders, standard weapons and grenades and something reasonable in the lows and eq spots.

Mike deVoid
March 25 2014, 02:27:12 PM
no cloak?

March 25 2014, 03:17:53 PM
CBF right now. Still trying to work out why there's a mix of chevrons and berries on the mini map now.