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February 28 2014, 05:00:04 PM
Everyone needs a good source of information. Staying abreast of the latest happenings in DUST and keeping on your toes with changes to suits, weapons, and even the latest meta is important. But not everything you need can be found in-game. That's why we have sites like dust514.info (http://www.dust514.info), run by Winsaucerer, which provides a source for the latest news, as well as plenty of information to help get you more in-depth knowledge of the game.

Winsaucerer started playing DUST around the stage when the beta was released to a large number of EVE players. As a long-time EVE player, he was very excited about the concept and was eager to experience the EVE universe from the perspective of an individual on the ground. He remembers at least two moments from the early closed beta. One was his joy with managing to wrestle (as a mouse and keyboard player) with the controller well enough to throw a grenade that got him two kills. The other was running into a building, only to be constantly killed by swarm launcher wielding infantry firing at other infantry and death-from-above dropships.
While this early version didn't hold him, he came back a few months before open beta once mouse and keyboard support was added. At that stage, he was playing every night after dinner for a couple of hours, learning to master the shotgun in a scout suit and later on falling in love with the Viziam Laser Rifle.
He decided to start dust514.info for a number of reasons. Part of it was simply the availability of the domain name! Another was that he loves information and found himself often having to look things up with no convenient place to do so. At the time, there was a DUST wiki on Wikia, but Winsaucerer has a great loathing for it. He wanted to maximize space for content and had ideas for tables of data that would not fit on Wikia. He also felt there would be a great value to the community to have a Wiki that is more under their control.
Thus dust514.info was born!

At the start, Winsaucerer added most of the content himself, though he fished around for other people to help. Once it became known to others, there were a few individuals who contributed a large amount of time helping out. Vyzion, Duckman, Jason C.K., SerpentineLogic, and GamerWacher stand out as some of the main contributors in his memory (and he sincerely apologizes if he has forgotten you and promises the wiki's edit history will recall your work). Were it not for the community, the wiki would be nowhere near as good as it is.
Of course, a wiki is forever evolving and can never be “finished”. It continues to need input from others. Some pages may be out of date and need updating. The community continues to provide a valuable service in keeping it in prime condition. It will help both yourself, the next time you need to look something up, as well as many others who are looking for the information as well.
What Winsaucerer personally prefers the facts and the details. He wants information that's accurate and readily available.
In the future, Winsaucerer is hoping to implement an automated generation of tables for the wiki based on a provided data dump. Editing these tables manually is tedious and error prone. If it could pull automatically, he could create an add-on for the wiki that displays up-to-date information without needing to constantly edit. He thinks it would be very valuable to the community. Unfortunately, he currently does not have the time to work in it, but is open to others collaborating with him if it can help get it completed quicker.

Final Thoughts
Outside of game, Winsaucerer is a student with a Master of Arts in Philosophy and is starting his PhD. Though he does not recommend it if one is looking for a “great job”, it is something that he describes as “thinking really hard about something”, which is what he likes to do. Prior to his studies, he worked professionally in IT and in his spare time still works on computer-related things. He's currently working on programming his own game, hoping to have it out in alpha by the end of the year.
If anyone is interested in collaborating with him on dust514.info or using it for a subdomain or linking a project to it, you can drop him a line either through e-mail (winsaucerer@gmail.com) or by reaching out to him via Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/Winsaucerer). Even more importantly, he urges everyone to consider contributing to the wiki, as updated information helps everyone!

original link (http://dust514.com/news/blog/2014/02/community-spotlight-dust514.info/)

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