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Equium Duo
December 14 2013, 03:39:04 PM
I'm kind of on and off trying to make some computer games. I have a blockbuster game in my mind, just like everyone else, that I'd love to make solo, but for the mean time i'm qute enjoying playing around with Unity and making simple little games. Currently watching this youtube series of tutoriales by quill18


I want to make multiplayer games, this is really teaching me at the moment to think about the multiplayer aspect right from the beginning. I'm wathching his latest series on the multiplayer FPS tutorial as he tries to recreate UT's "facing worlds" maps.

Anyone else got any good tutorial video's that are worth watching?

Nicholai Pestot
December 17 2013, 08:55:54 AM
No video, but a recommendation.

Don't use the built in unity networking. It's not very good.

If you want a good version of the unity networking system, grab the uLink package from unitypark. It's basically a straight up improvement on the unity networking that replaces most of its networking classes and provides a most excellent implementation of the server/owner/proxy triumvirate.

If you want a good networking tool that lets you create server logic outside unity, use something like photon. I think those videos show him using photon compliant network logic? It's a good choice.