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Nicholai Pestot
December 1 2013, 04:59:48 PM
To keep you ticking over while I work on the multiplayer....

Snottus was kind enough to provide me with a ship model, so combined with a few control refinements that I applied just before starting work on the multiplayer, this is a little build I haven't put out yet. It's not that different to the previous builds, but the better ship model (in my opinion) makes a world of difference.


Controls are similar to before, but I'll list them again.

F1/F2 changes camera mode

W/A/S/D turn ship
Q/E rolls ship
Z/X controls ship speed. Backspace sets speed to 0.

ALT 1 to 6 control shields (though this ship has no rear shields). Every shield you have running drains fuel and slows your ship.

Right clicking on an enemy marks it as a target for all active turret banks (this ship only has top/bottom turrets)
1 to 6 selects turret banks for target assignment. 7 selects all turret banks
Shift 1 to 6 group selects turret banks for target assignment. Shift 7 inverts selection.

If your fuel drops to zero your shields fail.
If your Structure or Consumables drop to zero you die and the game re-starts.

Kill all the ships before you die.

Equium Duo
December 14 2013, 02:57:27 PM
It's ok, I like some of the controls. I miss that little arrow thing you had for the ship direction. I really liked that a lot.

Nicholai Pestot
December 17 2013, 07:58:13 AM
Yeah I liked the arrow thing as well, but I was getting consistent feedback about people not liking it.