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November 22 2013, 06:40:10 PM
There are a number of DUST 514 players out there who are producing great video content. Many of them have their specialties. Some focus on the lighter side of things, others are masters of piloting dropships, others tackle anything and everything about the game. Anything can spark a new video series and more. One of the newer series to come onto the scene has been Nuts and Bolts with Ghazbaran.

Ghazbaran has long been an aficionado of the plasma cannon. But when he started using it, he noticed no one had made any serious videos about its use. It being his favorite weapon, he decided to right this injustice by creating a video of him using it that would showcase its strengths and help people understand how it was best use.
Seeing the video made many people believers. Originally thought to be a rather useless and underpowered weapon, Ghazbaran's expertise with it convinced many others to begin trying out the weapon as well. Since he first released his video, the number of plasma cannon wielders has increased as people give the weapon a shot and don't solely rely on its poor reputation for making their choices.
With the success of his first video in the bag, Ghaz decided to produce several more highlighting the plasma cannon. Eventually, he went on to branch out into more mechanical videos. He decided to name his channel DUST 514: Nuts and Bolts with Ghazbaran and has been producing high quality videos for the past two months. One of the ones he's been most proud of is the Heavy Machine Gun accuracy video, which helped the heavy HMG wielders demonstrate to the community the state of the HMG.
Originally, Ghaz focused solely on the plasma cannon to give it exposure. But as he moved on, he has asked the DUST community for ideas and topics they would like to see explained and tested. They have provided numerous ideas, including debunking myths about no kick in the first 30 shots from an Assault Rifle while aiming down the scope to how shotgun accuracy works. Currently, he's working on videos from a Logi perspective, showing off how awesome the repair tool is and how when you're a Logi, your teammates are your weapons.

Holy crap, did he just shoot a dude out of a dropship?

Ghazbaran uses a Roxio Gamecapture HD Pro to capture footage for the videos and the Roxio VideoWave software that came with it for editing. He finds them to be very user friendly and contain everything he needs to produce straightforward videos. He purchased both specifically for the task of creating these videos, which shows his dedication! He's also started working with Lightworks to see if it can improve his work, but so far hasn't felt the need to change.
On average, it takes him about 1 day to get the footage he needs (if playing in the wild) or about two or three games if doing specific testing such as with the HMG accuracy. Depending on how much footage he captures and the amount of extras he wants to add, editing can take between 1 and 5 hours.
His biggest hurdles have been finding good environments to test mechanics. Finding a nook or cranny where a couple of people can test is difficult when there are a bunch of enemies out there trying to kill you! However, he has found before that opponents have noticed he is there testing and left him alone to do his work! Much honor, mercs!

Numerous interesting requests for future videos have come into Ghazbaran. He also has several good ideas of his own that he's eager to try out. These include AR rifle mechanics like kick and spread, Nova Knife accuracy and cone of attack, Shotgun spread and damage application, and much more. He's very interesting in teaching the community about the synergy that exists between a really good Logi and really good Assault, so he wants to make a video on that.
Other ideas include "sweet spots" on tanks for AV users, TTK of different weapons, field of view, scan ranges of different suits, and any other interesting nuances he finds in the game.

Final Thoughts
If you haven't checked out Ghazbaran's videos yet, you should do so immediately! You might learn something and, even if you don't, you'll definitely be entertained. You can see them all on his YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/XxGhazbaranxX/videos).

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