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May 19 2011, 10:59:17 PM
So i recently bought a nikon d3100 with an 18-55mm plus a 35mm prime lens and a 55-200mm telephoto lens, I am currently looking for an appropriate bag to to protect this equipment however as I have bought this camera for backpacking around asia and south america I want it to be both functional, i.e able to hold more than just camera stuff as I'll be wanting to have it as a daypack and camera bag combined as well as being secure. I've seen a couple of bags which look to perform in this way, the best bags I've seen for this particular purpose are sold by naneu, e.g.

http://www.naneubags.com/products-by-se ... -ops/alpha (http://www.naneubags.com/products-by-series/military-ops/alpha) - Ideal

http://www.naneubags.com/products-by-se ... enture/k3l (http://www.naneubags.com/products-by-series/adventure/k3l)

however they don't appear to have a uk distributor, keeping an eye on ebay ofc

I'm trying to avoid lowepro bags as I'm worried they will make me a target for theft (well more than usual anyway)

Just wondering if there are any photographers here which have found a good daypack style camera bag. I'll probably just take my 35mm and 18-55mm lens when i actually go travelling, but would like room for camera + 3 lenses anyways

May 20 2011, 12:29:42 AM
Fuck off.
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May 20 2011, 01:12:19 AM
i use a crumpler full photo backpack for that sort of thing (ie, taking on plane etc)
doesnt have much space once all my camera shit is in tho
can take a small laptop + various bits and pieces (phone, ebook reader, keys, stuff like that) on top of 7d + all my gubbins (4 lenses, gorillapod, charger, filters, extension tubes etc)
they do a half-photo series iirc with more normal backpack space that might work for you

May 20 2011, 09:07:00 AM
ah shit didn't see that thread razor, feel free to get rid of this one

Yeah crumpler are nice, just proper expensive, can't really afford more than 50 and ideally want one for less than 40 (second hand is fine)