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August 2 2013, 09:40:01 PM
Life. Death. The existence of a DUST mercenary is an endless cycle of these two immutable facts of the universe. A clone is born and a clone is killed. Then it repeats itself. How does a person deal with this infinite spiral? Are they all mad? Or perhaps they alone are sane. And how would anyone but them know?
Rinas Rylos is one of these mercenaries. And she has a story to tell (http://rinasrylos.blogspot.com/).
Diary of a Dust Merc: The Logs of Rinas Rylos
Rinas presents her life story as part of a continual series of diary entries, usually posted once or twice a week. The entries detail the exploits Rinas has had on the battlefields of New Eden; from her run-ins with rookies who provide easy kills, to stories of unusual or interesting tactics that succeed or fail spectacularly, to simple rants about the equipment she's working with. Interspersed with everything is the effect being a cloned mercenary has on Rinas's psyche and personality.
Rinas started the blog after finding personal expression inside DUST was somewhat limited. Looks are restricted to the dropsuit you pick and the weapons you carry. The mercenary quarters are spartan and not much fit for hosting parties. Rinas wondered about the mental state of a cloned mercenary. She wanted to partially explore what she thought would be her take on not just mercenary battles, but also New Eden, and to shape the character as both a mercenary and a person.

Rinas typically writes by the seat of her pants, with no preplanned arc thought out ahead of time. While she has some ideas for her characters, at present she's more interested in fleshing out those she has introduced rather than bringing their stories to completion.
Most of her inspiration comes from the story of DUST 514 itself. She dips into the lore of New Eden when she needs it, but many of Rinas's stories are based on experiences from within the game. Whenever Rinas discusses weapons, tactics, or particularly odd battlefields, it's usually due to her actual experiences inside the game itself. She's seen all sorts of odd battlefield tactics at work before, and being able to share those experiences, coupled with her opinions on certain weapons and suits, is probably one of her favorite bits of writing the diary.

In order to write the blog, Rinas sits down and plays a normal session of DUST. If there was anything noteworthy that occurred, she'll note it down. Depending on what she's written, she'll revisit it later in the day or the next, edit it for spelling and grammar, then post it.
Normally, each entry does not go through more than one or possibly two revisions. In some cases, Rinas has passed an entry to a friend for checking. As the diary has become more popular, she has started to take more interest in proofreading her work. While a few of the earlier entries have some typos, she's striven to avoid them in the newer ones.
Rinas is currently sitting on a few logs worth of material, waiting for the time to properly edit and post them. She has had a few ideas for longer pieces of fiction, perhaps diverging from the journal format. For now, however, she is happy to continue on with her current narrative structure.
At some point, she would be interested in working with some other sites (she mentions themittani.com and DUST Reports specifically) and expand Rinas's scope. She's also considered a possible spinoff that would run parallel to Rinas's story, perhaps if the diary grows popular enough to warrant it.
But for now, she is focusing on what's gotten her here. So Diary of a Dust Merc will continue looking into Rinas's brain for quite some time to come!
Final Thoughts
In-game, Rinas is a generalist who tries to fit herself into whatever niche she thinks the team needs. Need some support? Time to bust out the nanohives and repair tool. Snipers pinning down her teammates? Time to break out her own sniper rifle and give 'em a run for their money.
Outside of DUST 514, she is primarily a gamer, with interests in all sorts of genres ranging from FPSes to JRPGs to puzzle games. She also enjoys writing, cooking, amateur photography, and occasionally the odd jog or walk outside.
Rinas would like to thank her friends for the continued support (especially Kazu), the DUST forums for the thought-provoking discussion as well as the kind words of support, and her boyfriend Dylan for putting up with blathering on about a pair of games he doesn't even like.
You can read Rinas's Diary of a Dust Merc: The Logs of Rinas Rylos here (http://rinasrylos.blogspot.com/).

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