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Nicholai Pestot
July 22 2013, 12:13:46 AM
I'm still slogging away on the UI. I had rather a more active/surreal weekend than I was expecting (I just had to make a swift exit from my Bosses BBQ when the morris dancers turned up).

Fuel Meter - Done
Consumables Meter - Done
Structure Meter - Done

Shield Health Indicators -Done
Shield Status Controls - Done
Shield Status Transition Timer - Done

Turret Targeting Logic Controls -Done
Turret Firing Logic Controls - Done
Turret Shield interaction Logic Controls - Done

Shield Mode Hotkeys -Done
Turret Bank Selection Hotkeys -Done

Turret Firing status HUD overlay - Done
HUD target Icons - Not started
HUD desired speed overlay - Not started

Latest 000003 WIP build

New Additions
- Turret battery control panel. Lets you configure if turret banks will track their target, how they will fire Auto/Manual/Holdfire and if they will engage shields.

- 1-6 will select turret banks (7 selects all banks). When you right click to select a target, you will now only be assigning the target to the currently selected bank(s).

- Shift + (1-6) will toggle shield modes. Disabled/Maintain will toggle to charging. Charging will toggle to Maintain. There is no way to toggle to disabled with a hotkey. You need to use the control panel to do that.

- Turrets now produce an aiming assist out to their max range. Red = cannot hit target. Yellow = can hit target but am reloading. Green = ready to fire.

You should find the potential damage output of your ship significantly increased by using the new controls correctly.


Nicholai Pestot
July 23 2013, 12:08:08 AM
As I have the shield panel now basically done....

>>Download superseded by first post<<

-Your ship has no rear shields.

-A shield must be set to 'charging' to bring it online. There is a slight transition delay to bringing a shield to a charging state.

-A disabled shield section being suppressed by autocannons is going to struggle to come online from a disabled state, as it will get smacked down by the constant damage before it can correctly enable. This is intentional.

-A shield facing costs 1 fuel/sec to maintain. A shield facing costs 5 fuel/sec to charge.

-If your fuel hits zero, kiss your shields goodbye.

-If your structure or consumables hit zero, game resets.

-There is no way to replenish your structure/fuel/consumables (that comes in a later development cycle)

I'm not really interested in usability/design feedback. It looks like arse, I know. I just want to make sure there are no bugs with the coding hooks I setup (making it pretty/easy to use can come later).While you'all are sinking your teeth into that, I'll continue with the weapons control panel.

Nicholai Pestot
July 28 2013, 11:51:25 PM
First post updated with new build.

Just HUD icons left to go.