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July 19 2013, 06:10:12 PM
Sometimes a mercenary wants to take a break from the killing. Kick back, relax in his mercenary quarters, pop open a can of Quafe, and relax while watching the video screen. And what, pray tell, do they watch? For an immortal clone soldier, the old holoreel standards just don't have that oomph. So they flip over to the latest live streams of the wars, footage captured by mercenaries as they do the killing. See some other poor sucker take a Charged Scrambler Rifle blast to the face.
In DUST 514, one of the up-and-coming streamers is RND Jungian, who has produced quite a number of live streams (http://www.twitch.tv/rnd_jungian/) and DUST videos (https://www.youtube.com/user/tykjen76) for the pleasure of mercs around the cluster!

RND Jungian dominates during one stream (http://www.twitch.tv/rnd_jungian)
When RND Jungian heard about the DUST closed beta early last year, he did what he could to get in. Since one of the options was applying through an EVE account, he opened one up (he still plays, wiling away his hours managing his Planetary Interaction in Providence). Luckily, he managed to get into the closed beta and started playing.
In his early days, he played without a corporation and did little to engage the community. The game was a “pickup and play” thing because of his busy real life schedule. But things changed, DUST got keyboard/mouse support, and he became hooked!
With all this playing came many memorable moments. RND Jungian realized he had no way to capture and save these moments easily. But he was hit with inspiration! If he streamed his play, he'd always have a recording of his matches available. So he started to stream his matches, primarily for himself. But he also does it to indulge another hobby of his; making videos.
While he normally spends months editing movie tributes and gaming videos, he plays DUST so much he hasn't yet had time to create a larger video. Instead, he has uploaded a number of hilarious and surprising moments he's encountered to his YouTube channel, both to share it and for the sake of his own disbelief, but never to show off. Well, except for the LAV dancing. That is to show off, of course.

The Videos

A shot made with style
Jungian streams whenever he plays DUST, no matter what. Public battles, mercenary contracts, whatever. The only time he refrains is during a corp match, in order to prevent potential spies from listening in on comms. He has a grand idea for a “grand finale” DUST video someday, but he's too hooked on DUST at the moment to wrap anything up just yet.
One of his favorite moments that he's captured was when he expertly dodged and avoided 2 LAVs (which he calls “dancing”) for 30 seconds as they tried to run him down. Like a bull fighter, he kept swishing them aside at the last minute. He also fondly recalls sniping an enemy jumping out of the enemy MCC, something he felt was a great personal achievement!
So far, the biggest challenge he has faced is circumventing the HDCP of the PS3, which he accomplished with an HDMI splitter. He also uses a PCI Express based card called Gamebroadcaster HD by Avermedia to stream, pairing it with Recentral on the software side.
When deciding to transfer some streamed footage into a video clip for YouTube, he captures the footage from the feed using FRAPS and then gets to work with Adobe Premiere. He's been using it for 10+ years to edit videos, so he's essentially a professional at this point!

Final Thoughts
Jungian's videos are entertaining and his streams really show off a passion for DUST and will likely become a showcase for the game for years to come! RND Jungian says the future is never certain, but so far streaming DUST has been nothing but a positive experience so far. He hopes to be streaming DUST for years to come! For final words, he'd like to give a shout out to his corp, Ahrendee Mercenaries.

Leroy Jenkins! DUST 514 Style!

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