View Full Version : 000003 Design - First pass Combat UI design and feedback

Nicholai Pestot
July 16 2013, 03:14:45 PM
First pass combat UI designed to allow interaction with all current game mechanics. Following passes (in later development phases) will build on this.

Two general types of in gameplay UI components (from an architectural point of view) are 'edge' UI components and 'hovering' UI components. Edge components nominally sit on the edge of the screen(unless a user repositions them). Hovering components hover near the in-game entity they relate to.

Components Required
Shield Interface
Edge component showing each shield's mode and health pool. Allows mode changing on a per shield facing between disabled, maintain and charging. Hotkeys (shift + 12346) to flip shield facings between maintain and charging (Disabled not an option when hot-flipping, for gameplay reasons).

No hover interface, as shields already have a colour coded visual display in game space.

Turret Bank Interface

Edge component showing each turret banks mode of operation relating to
-Target selection (no target, primary target, auto-select)
-Firing mode (hold fire, auto-fire, manual fire)
-Shield interaction logic(do not shoot shields, only shoot shields, shoot both)
- Name of currently selected target
Hotkeys (alt + 123456) to flip turret banks between hold fire, auto-fire and manual fire

Hovering component showing the status of each individual turret in a bank
Two options
1 -Dotted line coming out of the barrel. Red = not currently lined up with target, Yellow = lined up but recharging/reloading, Green = ready to fire. This provides the most information (you can see exactly where your turrets are pointing) but can make the game environment a bit messy if you have a lot of turrets.
2 Coloured spot on the turret. . Red = not currently lined up with target, Yellow = lined up but recharging/reloading, Green = ready to fire. Less information than 1, but keeps the game environment cleaner.

Primary target selection
Edge Component showing some limited information about the current primary target, including range, speed and which turret banks can potentially line up on it.

Hover Component icon around the primary target to visually denote its selection in gamespace. Crappy version of this already exists (a 'plane' is attached to the primary target).

Fuel gauge
Edge Component showing current fuel as a bar, with associated numeric amount.
Speed gauge
Hover Component over the course arrow showing your current desired speed
Damage gauge (planned obsolescence)
Edge Component showing current damage as a bar with associated numeric amount. Will be replaced in the future when the complexity of the damage system increases.