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June 7 2013, 03:37:09 AM
In the elements of harmony book, it's mentioned that each of the Primcesses once bore 3 elements of harmony.

What do you think each princess used?


Loyalty-Perhaps likely, would be how she lost this one when turning to nightmare moon to celestia. She was not being loyal to her kingdom or her sister.
Laughter-No, outside of fan stuff, nothing canon.
Honesty-I'd say yes, she seems very straightforward like applejack.
Generosity-nothing for or against.
Magic-maybe magic? She's an alicorn and we haven't seen her fight so far. Maybe she really is more badass than celestia? Celestia really COULDN'T stop her, she's a weaker alicorn naturally, she had to use the elements of harmony last time to beat her, but in wielding all 6 she "burnt out" her connection to them from overuse? Thus resetting them to the mane 6.

Just some thoughts.

Verite Rendition
June 7 2013, 03:46:56 AM
Luna: Magic, Honesty, and Generosity.
Celestia: Loyalty, Laughter, and Kindness.