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Takon Orlani
May 13 2011, 05:10:24 PM
Got three PC's on my homegroup, laptop, PC in my living room, and the one in my room. Everythign has worked well as far as streaming and file sharing within the homegroup until this week. Now the PC in my room (the one I store everything on) cannot see the other computers in the homegroup, but the other computers in the homegroup can see it.

The only change I have made was switching my connection to wireless on the PC in my room since my ethernet port died on me (yes I tested the cable)

Help me out, I really liked streaming my TV shoes on my big screen without having to download everything to both computers or use USB drives or other physical media.

Additionally: Until today every computer could see the other, but attempts to access the PC in my room would "time out", when I moved filed FROM my room into the living room/laptop they would only transfer at <1mb/s. As of today the computers can no longer see the one in my room, and vice versa.

balistic void
May 13 2011, 07:47:07 PM
You selected public network and thus it's firewalled. Delete wifi and connect again, select home network.

Takon Orlani
May 13 2011, 08:02:11 PM
You selected public network and thus it's firewalled. Delete wifi and connect again, select home network.

balistic void
May 14 2011, 12:20:25 AM
Well it's something to do with firewall anyways. Can you ping between machines? Is your router setup to bridge wifi onto the wired lan, or just wifi -> internetz?

May 14 2011, 12:42:00 AM
are all these computers win7? or do you have vista and xp mixed in?

Takon Orlani
May 14 2011, 12:42:58 AM
W7 confirming. It's all worked until this week. I made no changes except for switching to WiFi cause my Ethernet port died but that was weeks ago, this worked after that change.

May 14 2011, 01:15:51 AM
I had a problem like this up until recently, I could get computers connecting to each other over the network, then a few hours later some could see each other but others couldn't. So I swapped my router over to another one I have and now everything can see each other just fine. Not sure if it's just the router was derp, or it has some retarded firewall settings or something. I can also see and connect to the network attached printer now, which I very rarely could before. Also I wasn't using homegroup due to mixed OS's.

I'd suggest trying another router if you've got one, just to confirm if it's the router, or computer that's the problem.
Also, check what your computers firewall settings are, windows firewall has the right ports open for homegroup/sharing, but other firewalls generally don't.
Have a look at this page: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/wind ... of-Windows (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Networking-home-computers-running-different-versions-of-Windows)
halfway down that page is a list of ports that need to be opened for networking.

May 14 2011, 11:28:27 AM
On an unrelated note for some reason accesing my win7 box from a xp one requires a password no matter which settings i set.

May 15 2011, 12:47:37 AM
Just make a domain !

May 16 2011, 07:33:03 PM
Just make a domain !

i hate you

May 16 2011, 09:15:22 PM
I take it your accessing your machines through NETBIOS names primarily and not through IP or (if you have a DNS Server sitting there) DNS based ?

Is your wireless and your wired network in the same IP segment and subnet ?

This sounds like either a firewall issue, or routing.

does your wireless by any odd chance firewall your wireless from accessing the internal (cabled) network ?

just spouting ideas