View Full Version : Skype conference, weekend from 12-14th april

April 12 2013, 08:13:24 AM
For all contributing members, please put in a time when you are available this weekend, so that we can try to get everyone online instead of just 2 or 3 people at a time.

If I don't have you added in Skype yet, get on IRC, Griefplay #Studioheap and ask me directly. If you don't have either IRC or/and Skype, please be aware that communication in a bigger project like this is a necessity and I would rather work with a handful of people who have 1 free day every 2 weeks that I can talk to, than someone who would finish the whole development cycle in 3 days but never shows up.

That said, the last discussions we had were awesome, no reason not to enjoy ourselves.

I will be available from 21 p.m. onward (GMT+1) today and I should be more or less reachable on saturday and sunday as well, with the odd grocery shopping spree inbetween, the usual.

I expect it boils down to somewhere after 8 p.m. in the evening on sunday, perhaps we can do it sooner.

Please reply.

April 12 2013, 09:48:20 AM
I'm not available at all this weekend mate, got a martial arts event that I've been organising that takes places from Friday evening -> Sunday evening :S

E: Though there is a good possibility I can get on at the 8pm sunday that you said, but I can't commit to this weekend.

April 12 2013, 08:30:54 PM
Am available today 22:00 and tomorrow 16:00-18:00 and 22:00 GMT + 2

Dark Flare
April 13 2013, 01:54:16 PM
I'm available 23:00 onwards on Sunday (GMT+1)

April 13 2013, 03:01:14 PM
i'm available 23:00 onwards on sunday (gmt+1)
And sunday can be good sunday.

April 15 2013, 12:56:11 PM
So to sum everything up:

1. Design Docs were discussed and a lot of actual gameplay elements will be added to the designdocs, to streamline development process.
2. We are checking the transition towards UDK Unreal engine, which opens possibilities and creates other difficulties. We will require a full week to see if we can create the kind of game we envision within UDK.
3. Since we will possibly switch to UDK, more 3d design will be required. Devec has enough time and experience for 3d work. However, we probably need to get another 2d artist on the team in the long run.
4. Darkflare loves lingerie.