View Full Version : Goals & Plan of Approach

March 19 2013, 03:43:06 PM
**** CURRENT Goal 1: Basic Prototype
We first need to create a basic prototype of the game to check if everything will work before we will continue. Allegro & Unity are the candidates. Our goal is to test and see if it is achievable to:
- 2D Top (not so difficult) along with basic mechanics
- Lightmechanics, a important factor or else we will have to adjust our future goals if this won't work.

Goal 2: Prototype
Ones we know what is possible and what isn't, only then we can fill up the prototype with art assets, sound and little extra's. The game will start to take shape but we will still keep it very basic:
- 2d basic character
- Sounds
- Level design
- Special Effects.
To goal is to replicate the feeling that we want to achieve. Ones we manage that then we can head on towards Goal 3

Goal 3: Polished Prototype
We start creating our first basic level. Completed with enemies and all. Something that we can continue to build upon. There is no need for complex animations/sounds/AI just yet. We are able to play the game for a few min and present it to others.

Also by this point we have a good idea how our game will look like in the future. All mechanics & ideas are writen down at that moment so we can set our next goals for the game. Then we can head into alpha?