View Full Version : T1 ship fitting & guide

March 11 2013, 04:46:24 PM
Lynx M (Fed T1.3)

Ship mods: None

Active Mods:
Target Painter
IR Flares

Passive Mods:
Battle scanner (scatter redux)

Assault plasma

Standard warheads

Herf blerf

This is the gold standard for the ship. Plasma kicks ass in T1 against everything except harpies, and the target painter is there to ensure faster kills. This is the best ship and layout for murdering team captains in my opinion. Flares go standard on everything.

I like the M version of the cloak better because a good pilot can avoid fire while cloaked but he can't get an extra five seconds of invisibility. The ship will run out of cap pretty quickly with target painter and afterburning, but I think it's important to learn energy conservation early as in T3 you will run out of power often. I do have trouble dogfighting interceptors with it as they are so much faster in both straight line and rotational dV, but if you can use cover or your cloak to get out to max range they will almost insta pop under the weight of the plasma.

Bottom line: wrecks T1. Too slow to be a decent bomber though, so let your ceptor brethren carry while you keep bastards off their behind.