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Mike deVoid
March 4 2013, 10:38:19 PM
Thought I'd start a thread about it, since I wanted to discuss the Omega-Booster a bit


This week on the Mercenary Marketplace, we have the following new items, deals, and sales!

Shock Assault Dropsuit - 15 AUR (50% off)
Standard assault suit with no skill requirements
Militia Shield Regulator
Militia Shield Regulator
Militia Shield Recharger
Militia Shield Recharger
Hacked Nanohive
Fused Locus Grenade
Militia Scrambler Pistol

Active Omega-Booster (7-Day) - 17,500 AUR [2x, time-limited, available this week only]
'Thale' Militia Scout package - 12,800 AUR
'Fossil' Militia Logistics package - 12,800 AUR

So the standard active booster is 0.5x for 70,000 AUR lasting 7 days. So this is 2.5 times the price and gives you +200% instead of +50% active SP.

So it really depends if it also extends the active SP cap in the same way that the 0.5x boost does. If so, then you can earn twice as much active SP per week (285,600 boosted to 571,200). That's a 50% increase over the double passive/active booster. You'll earn it in the same play-time as well.

I think you'd only really use these when you can make maximum use of the 3,000 SP per match after hitting the cap. That or you just want to min/max to victory with minimal effort.

Converstion rate for AUR in Dust is 0.01 = 25 AUR ($0.01 = 20 AUR). This make the cost of the boosters as follows:

AUR Weekly Daily Monthly
Standard (0.5x) 7,000 2.80 ($3.50) 0.40 ($0.50) 12.15 ($15.15)
Omega (2x) 17,500 7.00 ($8.75) 1.00 ($1.25) 30.35 ($37.90)


March 4 2013, 11:49:05 PM
Evidence that it really is +200% instead of +100%?

Active Omega-Booster (7-Day) - 17,500 AUR [2x, time-limited, available this week only]

A bit ambiguous.

Jack bubu
March 5 2013, 05:36:09 AM
i dont think its +200%, but rather just 200% in total (x2)

like the normal booster is x1.5

March 5 2013, 05:56:23 AM
Still a far far far better deal to get the merc pack

Mike deVoid
March 5 2013, 06:29:38 AM
The normal booster is labelled as 0.5x modifier, it actually gives 1.5x or +50%. For consistency it should effectively give +200%.

March 5 2013, 07:05:20 AM
Still, Merc pack effectively gives you 9 weeks of sp boosting PLUS aurum to spare (not enough for another booster) AND all those extra items.

Rakshasa The Cat
March 5 2013, 07:05:49 AM
If the Omega booster is labeled in-game (item stats page) as 2.0x and normal as 0.5x, then it should be +200% cause those values are pulled from the item's actual stats.

Mike deVoid
March 5 2013, 08:31:00 AM
Still, Merc pack effectively gives you 9 weeks of sp boosting PLUS aurum to spare (not enough for another booster) AND all those extra items.

Completely agree mate, merc pack is the best deal on AUR before you even take into account the 30day active booster. Plus all the free shit as you say. (Also, 40k AUR is 40 days of booster on top of the 30 day booster. That's 70 days or 10 weeks. Though IMO you get more benefit early on by running passive and active together).

Just thinking about how to put the AUR to use via boosters

Mike deVoid
March 5 2013, 11:44:31 AM
The Active Omega Booster has been delayed indefinitely due to unexpected issues with it. We apologize for anyone anticipating the item and hope to get the problems with it solved as soon as possible.

March 9 2013, 02:11:41 AM
So how do you actually get those suit deals? Buy a suit for 15 aurum and and get free militia items? What about the expensive suit deals - any details what is included?

Blah blah tapatalk

Mike deVoid
March 9 2013, 08:53:02 AM
From the dust market, they tend to be promoted on the front page. It's not obvious that the mods come pre-attached but when you go to fittings hey are all there, yellow-boxed like the starter fits.

March 13 2013, 01:31:13 AM
New stuff this week, nothing special :(

March 13 2013, 03:53:22 PM
Dev Blog tomorrow.

It better be interesting with the amount the devs are pushing it on the forums.

Mike deVoid
April 9 2013, 03:25:17 PM

Here are the items and specials that are coming to the Mercenary Marketplace this week:

Passive Booster (30-day) - 21,000 AUR (25% discount) [NEW]
Active Booster (30-day) - 21,000 AUR (25% discount) [NEW]
'Scalar' Basic CPU Upgrade - 30 AUR
'Azimuth Basic PG Upgrade - 30 AUR
'Pathogen' Basic Codebreaker - 20 AUR
'Mercury' Enhanced Kinetic Catalyzer - 20 AUR

I might stock up on a few of the cheaper boosters..

April 9 2013, 03:27:22 PM
I need to recharge my Aurum. Know of any good packs/deals right now?

Mike deVoid
April 9 2013, 03:57:28 PM
Is the Merc pack still around? That was always the best deal as far as I could make out (if you intended to spend your AUR only on SP boosters).

April 9 2013, 11:23:52 PM
30 day passive boosters, nice.

Mike deVoid
April 9 2013, 11:35:58 PM
So I've got 5x of each booster right now. I hope it doesn't turn out that I've missed a better deal in the future.

April 10 2013, 12:22:53 AM
What's the price of merc packs in the UK? In Australia, it's $29.95 which frankly is a rip-off, considering the parity of exchange rates with the USA.

Mike deVoid
April 10 2013, 07:22:34 AM
15.99. And it was half price for PS+ subscribers during January, so I bought a few then.

April 10 2013, 07:30:07 AM
still, merc pack effectively gives you 9 weeks of sp boosting plus aurum to spare (not enough for another booster) and all those extra items.
And you can't perform subtraction on a context.