View Full Version : Dust 514 Voucher with AUR and exclusive items - sale (ebay)

December 27 2012, 01:59:52 AM
I recently bought this (received and confirmed legit) so I wanted to share it with everyone.


It is the Dust 514 Voucher that normally comes with the PS3 Slim Uncharted 3 Bundle. The ebay seller has a solid reputation and is offering over 200 of these for $10 each. They include the following:

Full access to the Dust 514 Close Beta and afterwards (works with existing accounts, too)
Guristas Saga BPO (a permanent gold-colored variation of the Caldari LAV)
20,000 Aurum (not transferable to EVE)
7-day Active Skill Booster
HK4M Shotgun (50)
Fused Locus Grenade (50)
Hacked Drop Uplink (50)
1.5dn Myofibril Stimulant (50)

30-day membership to Playstation+ (separate code included)

Voucher code only valid in the NA/US Playstation Store. Expires 1/1/2014.

Seems like a fair price for $10 when compared to what the Mercenary Pack offers for twenty dollars (http://www.dust514.com/mercpack/).

Just wanted everyone to know in case they wanted a free gold-plated pimp mobile with their next Aurum purchase (or vica versa, pick your rational). I'm going to race with mine.

January 10 2013, 01:59:38 PM
cheers, i'll pick one up