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  1. An article on gun laws
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  3. Penn State
  4. The Politics/Economics Resource Thread
  5. Eugenics
  6. Voter ID
  7. Rape Jokes
  8. Humans: Are we moral and evolved, or animals with a thin veneer of civilisation?
  9. Argue with style. Avoid these logical fallacies.
  10. Circumcision (without consent)
  11. Human Space Exploration: The Moon, Mars or niether?
  12. Chart of the day, HFT edition
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  16. Plagiarism
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  18. UK train sector and general train sector business
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  21. Willful Euthanasia
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  26. European Integration / A European Federation
  27. The Working Class
  28. The Super Serious PotUSA Election Thread
  29. Stem Cell Research
  30. Publication of private royal/celebrity photographs megathread.
  31. Tax Cuts don't lead to ecomic growth
  32. Nothing, however vile, justifies censorship
  33. How should tertiary education be funded?
  34. This week, the United Nations will consider criminalizing Blasphemy. [Islam Thread]
  35. Paternalism
  36. Opt out organ donation
  37. Half the Sky (a documentary on third world female inequality)
  38. Commission on Presidential Debates, service or disservice? [USA Election Side-Topic]
  39. Tinfoil central
  40. Jailed for Offensive Messages Online
  41. Proceduralism, Police, and Victimization
  42. Consciousness after death
  43. I call BS until I see a court martial convened.
  44. Economic Philosophy time: is shareholder value a company's highest duty?
  45. Israel
  46. Student Loans idea - Private Sponsorship/Investment
  47. Videogame violence
  48. Some are more equal than others?
  49. The best place in the world to live?
  50. Britam leak.
  51. Why no thread on War on LAPD?
  52. Dealing with the loss of children
  53. Serious Healthcare Thread
  54. The U.S. and the Lack of a Vote of No Confidence
  55. When is a U.S. Mass Shooting Event Not Treated (by Media) as a Mass Shooting Event?
  56. U.K. "Press Regulation" Three-Party Deal Struck.
  57. Money & Politics in the U.S.
  58. CCTV - Or how we Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the...
  59. Chinese Occupation of Tibet
  60. Is patriotism obsolete?
  61. Space thingies unrelated to intarnet spaceships
  62. Can representative systems of laymen handle complex scientific or financial matters?
  63. Is this forum really needed any more?
  64. What is facebook up to?
  65. The Non-shit Ukraine thread
  66. Is Ethno-Linguistic Self-Determination Actually Practical?
  67. Millennials and Racism
  68. The US(and maybe other countries) Prison System
  69. Virginia U.S. House District 7 GOP Primary Results (Eric Cantor)
  70. Executive Action
  71. Immigration 2.0
  72. Transnationalism
  73. Contractual Dispute
  74. GamerGate - Srs Vrsn
  75. Vote to give up democracy?
  76. So... Iran...
  77. Russia is essentially Detroit on a larger scale