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  1. Recruiting ~serious~ spaceship experts
  2. [5UPER] Heroes
  3. The Tuskers--Why? Lowsec Piracy.
  4. The Littlest Hobos (WEDIE), looking for more to fail with.
  5. [FOVRA / Rote Kapelle] Looking for EU/US TZ combat pilots
  6. STIMULUS Is Recruiting Small Gang PVP Pilots
  7. Outbreak: All Timezones
  8. Neckbeards International
  9. Invictus Australis [FKRUN] AU/NZ PVP corp. /???/'?? ? ?
  10. Lone Star Exploration [-LSE-] Now with ship spinning replacement!
  11. looking for corp (low-sec/wh)
  12. LEGI0N - All Timezones
  13. Asestorian wants a corp. GIVE IT TO HIM. Hard.
  14. HAVOC - Recruiting Au/NZ Pilots
  15. [IHC.] I Heart Chaos - EU TZ - Now with 100% less sov!
  16. Lucifer's Hammer Recruitment!
  18. Firebird Squadron - A TERRIBLE Wormhole Corp
  19. The Dark is Rising
  20. No.Mercy Corp <OVRHT> Recruiting - 0.0 Professional PvP
  21. Pod Liberation Authority
  22. old plz ignore]
  23. Jericho Fraction is Recruiting Revolutionary Heroes!
  24. The Dead Canary Mining Corporation is recruiting
  25. Cosmic Encounter recruiting! (French speaking low-sec PvP)
  26. Entity.
  27. [Gallente Militia] Mecha Enterprises Fleet
  28. *edit* Recruitment is invite only [SNUFD]
  29. recruit me
  30. Snatch Victory - Mercenary Services
  31. TRIAD is recruiting
  32. Moustache Twirling Space Cads recruiting EUTZ
  33. Incursion corps?
  34. Recruit me
  35. Sons of 0Din (Hardcore PVP Corp)
  36. TMA AU/NZ TZ noob corps
  37. Corp hunting and looking for suggestions.
  38. Targeted Aggression
  39. [PVP] 0ccam's Razor - NPC 0.0 -- 5 Mil Sp min.
  40. Solar Vagina [SO-GAY] [-A-] Now recruiting
  41. Solar Storm [SOLST] [-7-] Now Recruiting
  42. Clann Fian open recruitment, join us in wspace!
  43. Insurrection. [U-BAD] Recruiting Experienced 0.0 PvPers
  45. ANZA and ANZAC ACADEMY recruiting all tz
  46. 06 looking for love
  47. Ghost Festival: Curse-based Angel Cartel PVP, missions & RP
  48. Cosmic Encounter recruiting! (French speaking low-sec PvP)
  49. sup
  50. [100% Penis] The Python Cartel. Recruiting All TZ
  51. NWA. - WH pewpew
  52. Exploding in the Manholes of EVE
  53. Gays of Rens [TEST] Recruiting bumlickers!
  54. 24+ mil SP Jump Freighter Pilot looking to join a 0.0 corp
  55. PvP Wh Corps?
  56. Imminent Ruin [IRUIN] - USTZ, small/medium scale pvp
  57. House Anillingus Recruiting New Members For 0.0 Fun
  58. INITIUM MALUM - Low Sec PVP - Limited recruitment open
  59. Looking for corp
  60. Corcoran State Alliance - seeking corporations for PvP
  61. Sniggwaffe recruitment is open.
  62. THORN Syndicate
  63. 2 PVP corps looking for new home
  64. M. Pire is Recruiting
  65. Doesn't Afraid Of Anything, check us out!
  66. Sturmgrenadier, Inc [SGHQ] is recruiting experienced 0.0 pilots <S2N>
  67. Tired Of Serious Corps? New Eden Renegades - Small Gang WARRIORS / RAIDERS / BARBARIA
  68. Give a bro a Home.
  69. The Tuskers--Why? Lowsec Piracy.
  70. BLACK LABEL INC [750ML]: Lowsec PVP Path Available For You!
  71. i want to play eve
  72. The Flaming Sideburns - recruitment is open
  73. Awww Diddums.. Lowsec and 0.0 Aggressive PvP corp looking for good pilots..
  74. CO-DK looking for 0.0 pvp pilots (Danish only!)
  75. Shut Up And Play a multi role pvp corp from eve time 00:00 - 10:00
  76. blaergh o'blaergh
  77. [BUSA] -A- seeks PVPers
  78. Matari Exodus looking for small gang pvpers
  79. Black Rebel Rifter Club [R1FTA]
  80. Apex Ardent Coalition recruiting Active PVPers
  81. TURN LEFT - small gang/roaming PVP
  82. -10 Pilot looking for PvP corp
  83. DWISH / NOWAY looking for Euro Skirmish PvPers and corps
  84. Looking for home
  85. TSSOC - Looking for small gang pvpers
  86. WH Corp is recruiting.
  88. [WH PvP] Reconfiguration Nation
  89. Sudden Buggery
  90. Muppet Ninjas looking for a select few
  91. Give me something fun to do..
  92. -UHF- 99%: We need your men, we need your corps, ON TO NULLSEC
  93. [WH FARMING] Find me something
  94. Returning :bittervet: is bored
  95. Looking for PvP corp that uses primarily shield BC's.
  96. Kadavr Black Guard
  97. (USTZ) Looking for PVP Home
  98. BYDI Recruitment - Shameless EVE-O Re-post for an old friend
  99. Re-ignite my fire for eve plz (looking for corp)
  100. [14.88] Lynch Squad - looking for a few gay babies
  101. Looking for lowsec/empire pvp corps
  102. Fantabulously Terrific Wonderment recruiting wormholers. (open to AU TZ now!)
  103. Jalif's will has dropped....
  104. WORMS Industry (Danish Corp)
  105. looking for AU timezone
  106. [CJEVE] <CVA> is not recruiting
  107. Exodus. Looking for Small Group PVP'ers
  108. Cosmic Fusion 0.0 Dicklicker Corp.
  109. Fusion Enterprises Ltd - NC. - Endgame 0.0 Corp
  110. Evolution open for prospective members
  111. Clockwork Pineapple Recruitment
  112. Elite Space Guild recruiting elite pvp corps
  113. SNUFF BOX Recruitment OPEN
  114. Percussive Diplomacy is Now Recruiting
  115. SNUFF BOX Recruitment OPEN
  116. Shadows Of The Federation - FW Bads recruiting
  117. 68m sp main and 79m sp alt want pvp.
  118. Pondering giving eve another go.
  119. Something Posing As Meat [MEATY] Recruitment
  120. Ushra'Khan Recruitment Drive - Sarz'na Khumatari [SARZ] Corp wants YOU
  121. Red Dawn. [SWYZ] - Small Gang PVP
  122. Idol Corp - Wormhole Guerrilla Warfare
  123. The Pro Choice [A8ORT] recruiting
  124. Idiots in Spaceships is looking for a few good men
  125. Death Wish - spring recruitment drive!
  126. Praetorian Auxiliary Force Open for Business
  127. am bored already
  128. [NOSA] No Salvation - Recruiting - PVP in Syndicate and Gall FW
  129. [R.S.M] Red Sky Morning Recruitment. Brick Haters need not apply.
  130. Looking for Corp, US TZ returning to Eve
  131. QQ Continuum - get in on the ground floor
  132. Heretic Army/Heretic University - Low-sec PVP/Piracy - Now Recruiting!
  133. Evolution is Recruiting New Members
  134. Good home for an old pilot
  135. Antipodean Inc autzzzzz
  136. Adversity. is recruiting socially awkward men, innocent young boys, and bronies
  137. FEARLESS. Now recruiting posting warriors and corporations!
  138. Returning player looking for new home
  139. Returning combat pilot looking for Piwats
  140. Pod Liberation Authority aka solo roamers anonymous
  141. [US TZ 0.0 PVP] Wanna suck penis all day every day?
  142. Norcorp Enterprise Wormhole C6 Corporation
  143. Capital Punishment Recruiting
  144. [Kill It With Fire] Skadi Imperium [W-Space PVP]
  145. I'm fucking bad, bored, and need a new corp.
  146. T-FTW recruiting cool bros for wormholes
  147. Li3 Federation - Null Sec Alliance - recruiting member corps & individual pilots!
  148. Gay babbies-Industries is recruiting (0.0 babby alliance)
  149. looking for new home ...
  150. @======B >) SNIGGWAFFE .... a pvp training and recruitment corp for Sniggerdly
  151. i am a stupid nigger, and a shame upon my corp SNIGGWAFFE
  152. Interested in the Alliances of the Coalition of Anally-Penetrated?
  153. wtb corp for solo/small gang bittervets
  154. The Illuminatii is Recruiting
  155. im just getting in to the eve pvt server looking to make a home
  156. NERDS - Official Recruitment Thread
  157. ORGIN. - Black Legion. USTZ PVP
  158. Looking for advice please, buttsex
  159. Recruitment Rules - Updated 04 June 2014
  160. 10m SP RvBer looking for a new experience!
  161. Find me something to do
  162. WTB Wormhole Starguild
  163. [AISA] <GMVA> Moira. Recruiting: Small-gang Lowsec/Facwar PVP
  164. Looking to join a team for upcoming pvp tournament
  165. [TMA] EU small gang pvp corps.
  166. [PvP, RP lite corp] Coreli Corporation is offering glorious opportunities!
  167. Who wants a taste of the Crushah?
  168. Returning after 3 years looking for buttsex
  169. Looking for Pilots willing to join the dark side
  170. BALEX recruiting, Lowsec pirate corp
  172. US TZ Low Sec Small Gang PVP Corp - Deviant Dicklickers
  173. being more active again for solo/small gang (EU)
  174. Bumfaggery Soldiers is recruiting
  175. ZEBRA Corp is shit
  176. The Nizari - Small gang PvP
  177. Agony Unleashed is recruiting (all timezones)
  178. Retards of Wank [ROW] Recruitment
  179. Alekhine's Gun - Join Us
  180. The Executioners (TEXN) is recruiting
  181. Serenity Rising LLC is looking for People who like to do other things besides pew pew
  182. ***R-v-B -- The MOST active PVP community in EVE***
  183. What makes a Bastard? [SHADOWCARTEL] [US TZ wanted]
  184. The Reputation Cartel tourney team
  185. I need a home
  186. Mafia Redux | Recruiting Small - Medium Gang PVP | USTZ | NPC 0.0
  187. Moon In Scorpio - The Kadeshi
  188. Dogmatic Citizens - AU/NZ TZ Lowsec Piracy Corp
  189. Null Sec Corp Looking for More PvP'ers
  190. Doughboys - Shadow Cartel (USTZ Lowsec PVP)
  191. Entity. UK/EU pvp
  192. Generic First Post Corp - Recruiting
  193. [NSFW] Coreli Corporation: Mercenaries, Drugs and Murder
  194. Any homes for returning bitter bads?
  195. Recruit an Aussie
  196. 4 Losers Looking for Love
  197. 93m&55m(alt) LF LS/NPCNULL PVP Corp (maybe WH) in EUTZ
  198. Fallen Supremacy - Low Sec Piracy, small gang to cap warfare
  199. Forever arone
  200. Syndicate Lowsec Refugees corp
  201. Found a corp.
  202. Crayons with your PvP? - Democratic Peoples Republic of Crayola Recruiting Now <3
  203. Applied Agorophobia; Wormhole Shenanigans
  204. Please Delete...multiple Posts...
  205. Lookin fer a corp
  206. Echo of Silence Recruiting - Aus/Nz Timezone - PvP - Mining - 0.0 SoV
  207. [US TZ] Legion of Patriots Open Recruiting-New Players Welcome {Syndicate}
  208. Looking for a good small gang PVP corp.
  209. Terra Rosa Militia limited recruitment drive
  210. hi im meowtiger lets be friends? pls
  211. Red Galaxy is Recruiting PVP Pilots
  212. Squatting, Shifting, Always Lyfting
  213. I'm terrible, recruit me.
  214. Snuff Box
  215. Give a bad a home.
  216. Any FW corps that aren't shit out there?
  217. Worst rep corps
  218. Integrity. [ EU PVP ]
  219. Recruiting pilots!
  220. Used to be good pilot, LF corp after break from EVE
  221. Hax. Selectively recruiting
  222. 92m SP PVP pilot needs something new
  223. 12mi SP - Small gang / solo pilot
  224. 86m sub cap pilot looking for new venue.
  225. active player Logi 5, Tengu, Caldari BS 21m sp
  226. looking for a Minmatar FW corp
  227. 45mil SP pilot (semi-competent PVP) needs a corp
  228. Senex Legio - independant nullsec PvP corp
  229. 50mil SP (okayish) Pilot - Looking for new Corp
  230. Allow me to ride on the coat tails of your corp
  231. Insomnia Inc.
  232. Someone Else's Problem [SMESP] - DO-IT-ALL NullSec Corporation
  233. Recruit meh
  234. I'd like to get recruited.
  235. Looking for a new home.
  236. The Congregation [NPC Nullsec PVP]
  237. [FIGL] Flying Dangerous: Small Gang Nullsec PvP Training Alliance
  238. [EPW] Empyrean Warriors - [NULL/PvP] Looking for a few individuals
  239. Recruit a terrible pilot [PVP + Industry]
  240. Evil Turtles - Chelonaphobia
  241. Terrible PVP'er (SC/multiple Dread pilots) looking for a 0.0 Corp
  242. The Lowsec NBSI PVP Corp - The Derp Den
  243. The Mjolnir Bloc
  244. The Flying Dead - Hot drop O'clock
  245. Terrible Poster looking for Terrible Corp
  246. Wrath of Angels is Recruiting
  247. Truly, Truly, Truly Outrageous
  248. Anyone want me?
  249. The Spire. NPC NULL, Fountain Core, Small gang pvp.
  250. Come join my shit corp