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  1. gallente command ships
  2. Arty Alpha Fleets
  3. Black Ops
  4. A solution to the Supercapital Blob?
  5. Revitalise Lo-sec Industry with Orbital Shanties
  6. ECM Redesign
  7. Idea: make sec status gains lowsec only (not 0.0)
  8. Moon Minerals
  9. Jump Bridges ( Ideas? )
  10. Proposing UI/Game Design Improvements for EvE
  11. Fixing fleet battles: (long)
  12. Trenches in the field: brainstorming for sovereignty fix
  13. Heat Sink and Exchange Module
  14. Make TrueSec Relate to Security
  15. Dynamic LP Stores costs
  16. ECM Proposal
  17. Proposal: Exclusivity Agents
  18. Remote resistance boost as new role of logistics
  19. Balancing the new set of Battleships...
  20. [Idea] Wormhole sustaining device
  22. What would you do with walk in stations?
  23. Marauder on the battlefield.
  24. Fixing small scale spaceships (long)
  25. The Final Solution (For Local)
  26. Should the Engagement Range Limit Be Raised from 250km
  27. Gallente [Draft]
  28. Gallente [2nd Draft]
  29. TMWTIC: Idea for a logi ship change/nerf
  30. Game Design: Anti Botting
  31. SuperCarrier balancing idea
  32. Super Carriers and EAS
  33. Process Review: Supercaps, CCP Nozh
  34. What would a good expansion look like?
  35. The One Equation of Misery in Eve: why super cap solutions fail
  36. Titan's DD change
  37. NEX store exclusive: The Tornado battleship!
  38. Gallente Reborn
  39. Why doesnt DICs have t2 resist?
  40. Eve mobility, a lasting mistake that is not addressed
  41. Navigation without P&P - death to the seach box.
  42. The Final Solution
  43. Nullsec industrial Redesign:
  44. Changes to logistics
  45. Target Camera (Brainstorming!)
  46. Armor nano!? Module Idea to end shield dominance in solo/gang fights
  47. Iterating on incursions
  48. Revisiting the LP store - making it more simple?
  49. Veldnaught
  50. Interdiction Subsystem for T3s
  51. No cloaking WITHIN bubbles
  52. Gallente
  53. A Gallente thread
  54. [Theorycrafting] If Refining and Reprocessing Required Slots
  55. Active tanking bonuses
  56. POS: How do you envision what it really should be?
  57. Sniping, what can be done?
  58. New wardec mechanic - suggestions is a go!
  59. Super carriers, Carriers, Combat Carriers and Support Carriers
  60. Ewar drones
  61. Warp and post-warp effects to Sig radius
  62. Fix Oneiros and scimi?
  63. T3 Frigates - Nom nom nom?
  64. The Cynabal, and why it needs to DIE
  65. The Racial Skill book
  66. How to scale structure 'EHP' against fleet size
  67. Caldari Alpha BC ....uh tier 3 BC idea
  68. Tanking Rebalancing
  69. Idea: Combine Passive and Active Tanking vis Scripted Hybrid Modules
  70. web sideeffects - or what needs to be done to the tracking formula
  71. Proposal for Revision of Mining in EVE
  72. Insurance and Clone Upgade Gone
  73. Does too much information ruin the game?
  74. How to integrate dust and Eve meaningfully
  75. High medical-clone costs impose risk barrier to PVP.
  76. Medical clones go free; inserting implants gets a fee
  77. Jump clone delay reduction or removal
  78. Fixing Bounty Hunting (and smuggling?)
  79. Cap Booster Redesign?
  80. [IDEA] In-System Intel Revision
  81. Changing buffer tanks to be more like active tanks...
  82. Families
  83. Spiraling Galaxy
  84. Drone repairing
  85. The problem with intel in Eve
  86. The BIGGEST problem with the UI
  87. An Eve Expansion focussed on intelligence gathering
  88. Fixing tier slot counts [BC Hulls]
  89. [Field CS] Add a new link unique to FieldCS hulls
  90. Speed rebalance.
  91. Null-Sec Sovreignty Re-Design Proposal
  92. ECM replaced and turned into resistance debuff
  93. Another ECM alternative thread
  94. i, too, wish to replace ecm
  95. Yet ANOTHER ECM Alternative: AOE ECM
  96. FW Incursions
  97. Regenerative Platings
  98. Son, we need to talk about Boosters
  99. Contract Related Idea (UI shortcut)
  100. High security War roundable
  101. Assault Frigates
  102. T2 Salvage
  103. Teir 3 BCs
  104. EWar Revisited [Proposal]
  105. Interdictors
  106. Electronic Attack Frigates
  107. changing moongoo
  108. Caldari Rebalancing
  109. [Sticky Proposal] Eve Math Sticky
  110. multiple activations of the same module
  111. [Mining] Medusa: How to fix mining and cripple botters in several easy steps.
  112. Tracking, fixing ewar, and making things useful again (i know, another thread)
  113. Save The 'Knave'
  114. [WIP] Concept Enviromental Combat in Lowsec & 0.0
  115. Maelstrom
  116. Burn the Sec system - Lets blur some boundaries!
  117. What should be the end game for most eve pilots?
  118. Fitting skills are boring, bin them
  119. Switching Toons on the same account
  120. Clones
  122. Player Progression [Fixing the Maller & Prophecy]
  123. EHP modules/rigs nerf.
  124. [PROPOSAL] Mining - the gold nugget approach
  125. [hypothetical] deslottifying tier 2 battlecruisers
  126. Most Complicated Mining Proposal you'll read
  127. Current State of Propulsion Jamming
  128. Navy ammo, faction mods and other stuff.
  129. The Gamer News - Mercenaries are the Real Victims of CCP
  130. Armor Plates and Rigs
  131. <3 <3 Fixing local chat in Null sec :S :P :)
  132. PVP training missions
  133. Old Idea Review: antisubcap AoE DD Titan
  134. Occupation-Based Sov [Beta]
  135. Improving structure shooting: Eve Fortress
  136. POCOs - are they shaking things up?
  137. Mining Missions. Really.
  138. Old idea review: Dronelands:
  139. Main Game Name Reclaim
  140. Rewarding good fights: fixing Warfare forever.
  141. adding more Faction involvement in War Decs...
  142. Re-Balencing drones
  143. Sensor boosters: a bad module or the worst module?
  144. Re-balencing gallente warfare links
  145. Balance from Another Angle [Standard, Heavy, & Cruise Missiles]
  146. Electronic Warfare Drones: Their Time Has Come
  147. Micro Jump Drives
  148. Links
  149. The Great Tracking Nerf v0.1
  150. A Crew Proposal
  151. C/D the UI Should Have Range and Tracking Bars
  152. Another post about supercaps
  153. Rethinking frigates:
  154. Target Lock Break Module
  155. Supercapital Balancing - An Educated Opinion
  156. Drone Boat Rebalance
  157. T3 Bombs
  158. Command Ship interface features
  159. Rebalancing Eve one blueprint at a time
  160. Lock Range on Recons
  161. Sniping, gone forever?
  162. Compulsory MWD fix
  163. Stealth Bombers should be able to disrupt supply lines C/D?
  164. Make repair drones able to target yourself
  165. Probably Terrible Mining Rebalancing Idea
  166. Booster (drug) rebalancing.
  167. Alternative idea to fix focus fire
  168. [PROPOSAL] War-Dec Review
  169. Thought experiment - Allow player-player cash for aurum sales.
  170. Improving fleet communications.
  171. Bounty system overhaul
  172. Rat Pirate marauding gangs
  173. Musings on upcoming BC rebalance
  174. Since it seems like it's rebalancing week here at FHC, how about that Fleet Scythe?
  175. Instalocking & Why it's ruined EVE
  176. Oh god, another ECM thread
  177. Meta module prices are making many T2 modules worthless.
  178. Modular Starbase Planner (Concept Mockup)
  179. Jam duration = (jam strength / sensor strength) x 20
  180. Discussion: Removing player to player standings from the game.
  181. Move Jump Bridges to Planets, etc
  182. Make rookie ships able to enter fw sites!
  183. The curious case of the Rapid Light Missile Launcher
  184. Fixing Gang Links
  185. devpost-summary : (future) frig balance
  186. Signal Masking
  187. User Interface Improvement: Conversation Bar
  188. Ferox?
  189. Sniping
  190. Mining Idea
  191. Remote industry jobs
  192. Balancing ships sizes: signature resolution as a ship attribute
  193. Tackle recons are the problem
  194. Faction Warfare Solutions (To problems that may not even exist).
  195. Tournament Rewards
  196. [Proposal] The case for turret ammo
  197. Supercaptials and POS
  198. [Honest Question] Stagnation of Null-sec
  199. [Proposal] Conquest Points
  200. [Proposal] Increasing fuel usage for bridging
  201. [Proposal] Rebalance skillpoints/level
  202. [proposal] Damage Controls, the way they were supposed to be
  203. The good, the bad and the Low Sec.
  204. intel inside
  205. D-Scanner
  206. Deep Space Transport Ship Bonus
  207. Nanite thought
  208. [Theorywank] Slowcats are OP: Assigned sentries nerf.
  209. [GATHERING INFO] Null-sec farm and fields
  210. Fixing Nullsec in one mechanic: farm and fields, old alliances and supers
  211. [Spitball] Sov as epeen only
  212. [PROPOSAL] Null-sec - The vengeance
  213. Isk is not enough: why nullsec is unplayable for single account players
  214. Titan Doomsday thought
  215. Eve Online: Insurgency (proposal)
  216. Pirate warfare
  217. Dread turret rebalance idea
  218. [REBALANCE] racial differentiation of non-sentry damage drones
  219. [REWORK] Faction Turrets
  220. Lets talk about the Industrial tiercide
  221. [Discussion] Predator vs Prey Game Play in Eve
  222. Ship Proposal: Monitor
  223. warfare links and aggro
  224. Fixing one part of the sniping problem
  225. Why PvE is broken and how to fix it with markets:
  226. One idea to rule em' all
  227. Another sniping/probing suggestion
  228. The cloak warp trick: exploit or okay?
  229. Webbing Stuff Into Warp: Exploit or Okay?
  230. Skirmish Warfare Link - Interdiction Maneuvers
  231. Personal repair systems double as ECCM fit modules.
  232. EVE without a warp drive
  233. Rigs 2.0
  234. [Proposal] Active Inertia Increase Module
  235. Making Links Fun
  236. [Discussion] Force Multipliers Considered Harmful
  237. Macros
  238. Reducing Your Signature Radius
  239. Marauders
  240. James 315 on How to Fix Supercaps
  241. T3 Triage subsystem
  242. [Proposal] R-SBA, R-AuxPump
  243. Capital Jump Timer
  244. [PROPOSALS] Post-Odyssey
  245. Idea: Heat interation modules
  246. Reduction in effectiveness of Tacking Disruptors on unbonused ships
  247. Proposals for more interesting exploration content
  248. My take on Interceptors.
  249. Proposal: Additional skill name changes
  250. Proposal on Eve-O: Improving Eve Gate by adding Alliance Chatter option