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  1. War & Politics Rules (Updated the 28th of October 2014)
  2. The Shitposter Lands (Syndicate/Outer Ring)
  3. The Land of NRDS (Providence)
  4. The Lower North (Tribute/Vale of the Silent/Venal/Geminate)
  5. Wormhole Space (147 posts deleted and counting)
  6. The Goon Lands (Cloud Ring/Fade/Pure Blind/Deklein/Branch/Tenal)
  7. The BoB Lands (Fountain/Delve/Querious/Period Basis)
  8. Lol Security Space
  9. The Drone Lands
  10. The Cursed Lands (Curse)
  11. The Deep South (Stain/Esoteria/Paragon Soul)
  12. The South (Catch/Impass/Feythabolis/Immensea/Tenerifis/Omist)
  13. The South East(Great Wildlands/Detriod/Wicked Creek/Insmother/Cache)
  14. The Eastern Front: (Kalevala/Geminate/Etherium/Perrigen Falls)
  15. Coalition Sov Mapping
  16. War and Politics Index
  17. Your Alliance Must be in Your Location
  18. Game of Sov
  19. The Goon Lands (Cloud Ring/Fade/Pure Blind/Deklein/Branch)