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  1. killing stations @ fanfest
  2. Mintchip gets into digital money in Canada
  3. EVE Television Show in Development?
  4. [News] EVE API server will be offline on Wednesday, May 1
  5. [News] Tuskers' Frigate Free For All #3 on May 4 at 18:00 UTC
  6. [Devblog] WantToTrade: Tags for Security Status
  7. [News] "Falling Skies", a New Chronicle by CCP Falcon
  8. Ganknight: Fighting 'Round the World' Sun 19/MAY 18:00
  9. Ice scarcity, Fuel costs & Power projection
  10. [Devblog] Celebrating Ten Years of EVE Online
  11. [News] Flight of 1000 Rifters III to be held May 5 at 18:30 GMT
  12. [Devblog] Community Spotlight: The BIG Lottery
  13. [Devblog] Armageddons are going to cost 200 million
  14. [News] Unexpected API Server Downtime
  15. TEST reset of the HBC incoming
  17. [News] Extended downtime on Monday, May 6th
  18. [Meetup]Eve Meet in Newcastle UK
  19. 2005 Guiding Hand Social Club heist eve true story - up votes please <3
  20. [Devblog] CSM8 Election Statistics
  21. The Story of how John pretended to be a POS
  22. [DevPost] Details and update on the Ice Anomaly design
  23. Odyssey - probing changes
  24. Dual Character Training
  25. Syndicate Competitive League: Weekend 3
  26. [News] The BIG Lottery 10th Anniversary Drawing Ending this Weekend
  27. [News] Tranquility to undergo emergency reboot at 15:00 UTC
  28. [Devblog] Hacking in Odyssey
  29. Navy BS Balancing
  30. [News] New Chronicle: "And l shall hide" - By CCP Eterne
  31. [News] Extended downtime today, May 14
  32. [Devblog] Planetary Conquest, corp quitting timers and more!
  33. [News] New Chronicle: "And I shall hide" - By CCP Eterne
  34. [Odyssey] Clone Costs Rebalancing
  35. [Devblog] Alliance Tournament XI...and a call for commentators!
  36. [Devblog] Alliance Tournament XI... and a call for commentators!
  37. [Devblog] Dual Character Training
  38. [News] Mass test on Thursday, May 16th
  39. [News] Planetary conquest bonuses delayed until May 22
  40. [Devblog] Vote for truth - Vote for justice!
  41. What defines a 'Large Fleet Battle'?
  42. [Devblog] Into The Second Decade - A guest blog by Zapatero
  43. Odyssey - XL weapon balancing
  44. [Devblog] Community Spotlight: Crossing Zebras
  45. [Lotto] Scoville Scale
  46. [News] Final day to vote for your favorite EVE True Stories
  47. Eve Down Under 2013: A fanfest for AU/NZ players. 29th Nov - 1st Dec in Sydney, Aus.
  48. [News] EVE Launcher deployment on May 21st
  49. [Devblog] Reinventing the Radial Menu for Odyssey
  50. [News] Disruption of web server related services on May 21 and Launcher issues
  51. [News] Disruption of web server related services on May 21 and Launcher issues
  52. [interview] "This time next year, you will have EVE Mobile"
  53. [News] Planetary Conquest District Bonuses Correction
  54. [News] Mass test on Monday, May 27th
  55. [News] Skill point gift due to the log-in issues on May 21
  56. SiSi Odyssey launch screen
  57. [Devblog] Odyssey Overview Live Streams, May 29 and May 30
  58. [Devblog] Odyssey Overview Live Streams, May 29 and May 30
  59. [Test Server]Collectors edition Golden Pod
  60. Odyssey: small navy cap boosters incoming
  61. [Devblog] Probe Scanning and other Goodies for Odyssey
  62. [Devblog] Probe Scanning and other Goodies for Odyssey
  63. [:awesome:] If Eve had achievements..
  64. [News] Website Updates with Single Sign On
  65. [Devblog] Alliance Tournament XI Rules and Format
  66. [News] EVE Launcher Updates on May 30
  67. [Devblog] U and I made some changes
  68. [Devblog] U and I made some changes: Odyssey UI changes
  69. [Devblog] EVE on Steam: Past, Present and Future
  70. [News] EVE Odyssey - Live presentation by ISD STAR on June 2
  71. Null-Sec Coalition Map
  72. [News] Unscheduled Downtime - Friday May 31st, 2013
  73. Big Gay Babies of Lowsec update [DEVPOST]
  74. [News] Visual issue with NVIDIA 600/700 series GPUs to be fixed
  75. [Devblog] Community Spotlight: EVE Chronicle Audio Readings
  76. Pod Pilots against Falcons:
  77. [Video] Features of Odyssey
  78. [News] Unscheduled Downtime - Sunday June 2nd, 2013
  79. I'm sure I'm not the only one going to sleep with a 5 hour skill queue...
  80. [News] Tranquility downtime on Sunday, June 2 and Monday, June 3
  81. [News] Tranquility downtime on Sunday, June 2 and Monday, June 3
  82. [News] Alliance Tournament XI sign-ups delayed
  83. [Devblog] Sensor overlay changes in EVE Odyssey
  84. [News] EVE Online: Odyssey 1.0 to be deployed June 4 at 08:00 UTC
  85. [Devblog] Odyssey Ship Balancing
  86. [Devblog] Odyssey Ship Balancing
  87. [News] Battleclinic Loadout Challenge: Round 1
  88. :| People are bad. And I don't know why I expected any better from facebook post.
  89. So when you stop your ship tomorrow, you have to confirm you wanted to do so
  90. [Patchnotes] Odyssey
  91. [News] EVE Online: Odyssey 1.0 to be deployed June 4 at 08:00 UTC
  92. [News] Alliance Tournament XI sign-ups are live
  93. [News] EVE Online: Odyssey has been deployed
  94. Odyssey trailer
  95. [News] Skillpoint gift due to he downtime on June 2nd and 3rd
  96. CCP new hiring
  97. [News] Caldari Battlecruiser and Caldari Destroyer Skill Issues
  98. [Devblog] The Circle is Complete - Voting Finished for True Stories
  99. [Devblog] Alliance Tournament XI commentator picks and other updates
  100. Fhc video - any good video makers?
  101. [Video] EVE-VR
  102. [Devblog] EVE-VR: An experiment in bringing virtual reality to the EVE Universe
  103. [Devblog] An Audio Transition: Introducing Odyssey's new transition sounds
  104. [News] Pre-Odyssey Advanced Military Career Arcs in progress to be reset
  105. Once upon a time these guys took the meta seriously
  106. [News] Issues with some of our payment systems
  107. [Devblog] Alliance Tournament XI features and prizes
  108. [News] Changes to the EVE Naming Policy
  109. Tech 3 OP, Next on Nerf List [Devpost]
  111. mumble modifying exefile?
  112. [News] Tranquility Connectivity Issues - 01:00 UTC - June 12, 2013
  113. [News] Alliance Tournament XI Silent Auction Now Live
  114. The 'Death Race' goods and bads.
  115. New capital alt
  116. "CCP, zKillboard (Eve-Kill), and your API"
  117. [News] CSM8 Town Hall on June 16 at 1900 EVE time
  118. [News] CSM8 Town Hall on June 16 at 1900 EVE time
  119. [News] Tranquility Connectivity Issues - 23:15 UTC - June 15, 2013
  120. [News] Alliance Tournament XI auction ends at midnight
  121. Moon Goo System Profit Map
  122. Moon Goo System Profit Map
  123. CCP Soundwave live on Eve Radio
  124. Returning player
  125. [DEVPOST] Industrial Rebalancing in Odyssey 1.1
  126. [Devblog] New system requirements for EVE
  127. [Devpost] Tech 1 Industrials
  128. [Devblog] Alliance Tournament XI - Results of the auction
  129. [News] Payment services temporarily unavailable on June 20, 2013
  130. [News] Payment services available again after successful maintenance
  131. [News] Payment services temporarily unavailable on June 20, 2013
  132. [Devblog] Community Spotlight: Red Frog Freight
  133. [Devblog] Community Spotlight: Red Frog Freight
  134. Whatever happened to the Command Ship changes?
  135. [Video by CCP Nullarbor] The Walking Devs
  136. [Devblog] Exploration Sites in Odyssey - It's Graph Time!
  137. [JAPAN] Reality TV show where female noob only gets food if she makes enough ISK
  138. [News] API Downtime and Upgrade
  139. [News] API Downtime and Upgrade
  140. [News] EVElopedia downtime extended
  141. [News] EVElopedia downtime extended
  142. Meltdown gamin bar in london ..
  143. [Devblog] EVE Vegas 2013 - A PLEXcellent adventure!
  144. [News] EVElopedia Update
  145. Closets
  146. [Devblog] A New Live Event for July
  147. [News] Extended downtime on July 2 from 09:30 to 10:35 UTC
  148. S2N Citizens disbanded by a spy
  149. CCP hire EA executive dude to become a Senior Vice President
  150. navy Scorps being used?
  151. [Devblog] An Update on Bug Reporting, Part 1
  152. [News] EVElopedia updates deployed - July 3, 2013
  153. [devblog] Skill group name changes
  154. [Devpost]Skill group name changes
  155. Come and fucking get it now faggots
  156. [Devblog] Community Spotlight: Mad Ani
  157. [News] Sanctuary Image Contest Week 2
  158. [News] EVE Launcher update for Mac
  159. GG PL, you made Forbes
  160. Medium rails to get some love on Odyssey 1.1
  161. [News] EVE Radio celebrates a decade of service!
  162. [News] EVE University Summer Classes To Commence on July 15th
  163. [Devblog] Alliance Tournament XI Tournament prize ships and more!
  164. [Devblog] CSM Guest Blog: "Reasonable Things" Crowdsourcing
  165. Is Exploration a viable career?
  166. [News] SOMER Blink Celebrates 900 Trillion ISK in Prizes
  167. [News] Nulli Secunda Continues Efforts to Recover Sovereignty Loss
  168. [News] Sanctuary Image Contest Week 3
  169. [Devblog] Rebalancing and Renaming Industrials
  170. Links are: Shit/gay/lame/amazing/whatever, links discussion here pls.
  171. HAC Buff
  172. Medium Weapons Rework
  173. CCP joins the CFC/Test war.
  174. [Devblog] Sleeve Tattoos for Collectors Edition Pre-Purchasers
  175. [News] SteelSeries Kicks-Off EVE Online Community Contest Today! Everyone Wins!
  176. [News] Alliance Tournament XI Tournament Bracket Now Available!
  177. [News] Alliance Tournament XI to begin on July 20, 2013, at 13:15 UTC
  178. [Devblog] Community Spotlight: Jonny Pew
  179. eve cheap on steam
  180. [News] Live from Alliance Tournament XI!
  181. W0lf Crendraven IRL
  182. [News] Clarification Regarding Steam Users And API Access
  183. Who are the best this game has ever seen?
  184. [james315] How to Fix Supercaps
  185. [TMA] Using keyboard shortcuts like a pro
  186. [News] The Angel Project Turns 1!
  187. [News] Extended downtime - Tuesday, July 30th, 2013
  188. Old intel thread.
  189. [News] Alliance Tournament XI Developer & Commentator Roam - 13:00 UTC, July 31st 201
  190. [News] Alliance Tournament XI Developer & Commentator Roam - 13:00 UTC, July 31st 201
  191. [Devblog] Battle for 6VDT-H - summary and numbers
  192. [News] Alliance Tournament XI Developer & Commentator Roam - 13:00 UTC, July 31st 201
  193. [News] Alliance Tournament XI Developer & Commentator Roam - 13:00 UTC, July 31st 201
  194. I are bad
  195. [Devpost] Command Ships
  196. [Devpost] Ganglink changes
  197. [Devpost] Local rep changes
  198. [Devblog] CSM Guest Blog: "Reasonable Things" Voting Phase
  199. [Devblog] Alliance Tournament XI features and prizes
  200. [News] CCP Party - Gamescom 2013
  201. [Devblog] Community Spotlight: EVE Bet
  202. Zapawork: Eve VR tourny is happening at Eve Vegas
  203. [Devpost] Jump clone timer reduction skill
  204. [News] Tranquility downtime extended due to startup issues
  205. Failheap, a proposal regarding command ship classes.
  206. ice dic
  207. The Dinner Squadron, N3, PL and friends to push in to Cobalt Edge
  208. [Devpost] Domi nerf
  209. [News] EVE API to be temporarily taken offline at 15:00 UTC on Aug 8
  210. [TMA] Character sell
  211. [MEETUP] Toronto Eve Online Meet Aug 23rd
  212. Eve installation issues
  213. So... walking in stations?
  214. [TMA] Black Ops
  215. [News] Odyssey 1.1 available for testing on Singularity
  216. [News] EVElopedia updates with Single Sign On and Item Database update
  217. [Incursions] Because you nerds can't stay on topic
  218. [News] CSM8 Town Hall #2: August 17 1900 EVE
  219. Permanent ban on first time offender
  220. [Devblog] An Update on Bug Reporting, Part 2
  221. [Devblog] Community Spotlight: The Angel Project
  222. RAGE mail - post your best
  223. shipspinning@work
  224. [News] Mass test on Tuesday, August 20th
  225. EVE Valkyrie (aka EVR)
  226. [News] EVE: Valkyrie announced!
  227. [News] EVE: Valkyrie announced!
  228. Pirate Vessels: what changes would you like to see?
  229. Instapopping rats - am I right or wrong?
  230. [Devblog] Probe Scanning improvements in Odyssey 1.1
  231. Combat inties.
  232. Frigate and Cruiser Target Spectrum Breaker
  233. Ganknight? NOT PURPAL, SHOOOT ETT
  234. PLEX Granularity
  235. [summit] megathread
  236. TMA: Null-Sec Exploration Profitabillity Post-Odyssey
  237. Top Rated Thread
  238. My sec is better then your sec thread.
  239. [News] EVE Online: Odyssey 1.1 to be released on Tuesday, September 3rd
  240. [Devblog] 28 Ships Later: Ship and Module Balancing in Odyssey 1.1
  241. [Devblog] Email verification and you
  242. [Devblog] Email verification and you
  243. [Devpost] Marauders
  244. [Dev thread] The best balance thread yet
  245. [News] EVE Online: Odyssey 1.1 to be released on Tuesday, September 3rd
  246. Odyssey 1.1 Patchnotes
  247. [DEVBLOG] Odyssey 1.1 patch notes
  248. [Devblog] Community Spotlight: Markee Dragon
  249. [News] In development - EVE Online: Odyssey 1.1
  250. [News] Unscheduled Server downtime - Monday, September 2nd 2013